Partner, Director – Operations

Dhamu, heads the operations and the architectural division at FHD. He has been proficient in getting the right critical design solutions, without having compromised on the logistic efficiencies. With an experience of over 21 years in the field of architecture, he has several Master planning and large-scale architecture projects to his credit. Dhamu firmly believes that “Design is a constant evolution process with respect to time.” As an architect, he has designed various challenging master plans and implemented them successfully without compromising its indent. Having said that, Dhamu has the panoramic experience of various large-scale project right from the inception to the delivery.

Mathan Ramaiah

Partner, Director Design

Mathan is a graduate from the Columbia University, New York. He has a working experience of over 12 years in Indian firms as well as over 14 years in the International market. He is the Design Director at the FHD Group and is passionately involved in the master plan and public space design of Organo. Mathan has designed over 100 Million sq.ft of projects, ranging from 400 hectare Award-Winning Sustainable Convention Center, to a 50-storey Twin Towers in the Middle East, in addition to the projects in India. Some of his convictions :
  • Best designs grow from a collaborative environment
  • Design is a powerful concept and is an integral part of any human experience
  • Co-designers are not as competitors, but partners for ideation
  • Sustainable solutions are not a “selling points”, but a necessity to every project.
  • Last but not the least, end-users are not occupants of space, but the key reason for that space to exist

Dhurgai Kumaran

Director Studio

Dhurgai, is the Director – Studio at FHD. He is a Bachelor of Architecture from SAP, Anna University, Chennai and has a masters in Advanced Architectural Design from SAC, Städelschule, Germany under prof. Ben Van Berkel. Having 21 years of experience in India and Germany, he has worked as a design Architect with Bangalore based firms like ‘Inform architects’ and ‘Ocher Architects’. Enthusiastic in contemporary design methods and methodologies, he has implemented the parametric design method for the project “Skyline Plaza” for Jourdan Muller PAS, Frankfurt, Germany. He has also run the architectural studio for the M Arch programme in Anna University.

Vijay Reddy Gade


Vijay has established himself as a visionary design leader over 25 years of guiding teams across the US and India. He holds a Master of Science in Infrastructure Planning from the New Jersey School of Architecture – NJIT, USA. Renowned for his innovative approach to residential and mixed-use developments, Vijay’s imaginative solutions and problem-solving abilities have earned him widespread acclaim. Clients value his expertise across various project types, including multi-family, single-family, and transit-oriented projects, thanks to his ability to strike a delicate balance between creative thinking and practical solutions. Guided by the principle of “less is more,” Vijay’s designs reflect an elegant, minimalist aesthetic, characterized by meticulous attention to detail and clean lines, imparting sophistication to each project. His relentless passion for pushing boundaries continues to drive him in creating buildings that redefine skylines.

Nagesh Battula

Founder, Mentor

Nagesh embarked on and spearheaded the Fountainhead Design Group (FHD). He is an adept architect with over 20 years of experience in residential, commercial, hospitality, retail and luxury interior projects. Nagesh envisioned a project that would be sustainable and net-zero in its resource consumption. In his stint at an age, as early as 21, he worked in 3 offices a year each, growing FHD to an humongous group in the present time. He is a passionate, self-taught leader, with an attribute to learn and unlearn quickly, which helped him cross the boundaries of confined architecture. Nagesh with an unstoppable ambition, is still a down to earth person, who does not shy away from accepting and learning from mistakes, while erring on the side of caution. He is currently on a journey to set a new paradigm of inclusive growth set up, a vision to manifest the benefits on a win-win basis to the developer and the customers. As complemented, the caption “Architecturing the future of humanity” suits him perfectly.

Vijaya Durga

Co-Founder, Advisor

With over 20 years of experience in the field of interior designing, Vijaya is heading the Interiors team at FHD. She has an eye for detail and a great sense of color, fixtures and finishes, enabling her to take impeccable decisions on the spot. She shares the vigor to develop Organo, as a highly productive yet aesthetically pleasing farming community.

Rajendra Kumar

Co-Founder, Advisor

Raj, as familiarly nicknamed, is the backbone of Marketing and Sales at FHD, with a focus on international and national business development, strategic planning and deal negotiations. He has an experience of over 15 years in the field of business development, design and construction. Raj has designed and marketed, India’s first sustainable collective farming community breaking the barriers of traditional methods. He postulates that a successful environment is developed, when there is a harmonious merger of social, political and global aspirations of the occupants, developers and all the associated stakeholders. He has been instrumental in helping developers, landowners and institutions exceed those aspirations. Being an entrepreneur himself, Raj, started his first firm Shobha Lighting Design (SLD) in 1997. SLD soon became one of India’s award-winning firm with projects for many historic national monuments, buildings and institutions such as Charminar, Delhi Heart, Belum Caves, Ajanta Caves, Nizam’s Jewelry in National Museum Delhi, Ethipothala Waterfalls, Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya etc.