About our Firm

We are an architectural team with the passion to see projects manifest that are critically meaningful and creatively unique. Our studio’s focus is on the exploration of Design Strategies that mediate and reinterpret the boundary between traditional /cultural values and contemporary living. A synthesis that blends old and new;  international and regional.

We believe in identifying, engaging deeply with and simplifying the complexities of projects. We go by the motto that Good Design is always simple. It should provoke and stimulate but not be or seem unnatural.

Proved as leaders in dealing with Architectural and Interiors..

Excellence in design and its successful execution are central to our approach. In our endeavour to create great spaces, as committed designers our responsibilities are dual in nature: Professional and Creative. Professional responsibility is directed towards the clients we serve and the many users involved with the space. With the clients, it is to ensure that they get what they want within preset boundaries of time and cost. Within the users, it is to make sure they are interacting with a space where everything about that space is functional, intentional and inspiring.

Creative responsibility is directed partly towards the client we serve and partly to our own creative urges. For the client, we would like to open new doors of thinking while delivering beyond the brief. For us, we would like to discover new paths while attempting to find design solutions for everyday problems. And also ensuring there is no conflict between function and form, for Architecture is art and science in equal proportions. In this union, we find creative bliss.