Project Facts

Project Name: 2GETHERMENTS
Location: Miyapur, Hyderabad
Site Area: 1.55 Acres
Built-Up Area: 42,346.56 Sqm
Client: 2Getherments Infra Pvt.Ltd
Project Team: Mathan Ramaiah, Nikhil Chakravarthy

Project Description

The objective was to create a new typology of vertical living. An aim to create a self sufficient residential building that is more empathetic to people than markets with long term sustainable focus installing “togetherness”.
Togetherments is a unique concept where the social street follows us vertically. We don’t leave behind the ground but take it along all the way to the top. The “clubhouse” and gardens are not isolated zones but what we walk through everyday/ everytime to get to our home. Our floors are destinations with an identity and not a mere number. Every floor acts as a unique Nukkad for socialising.
Togetherments is a project where our home is fitted to our needs and not a generic template of spaces. The configuration of the rooms change to adapt to the need. We learn again to love together as an inter-dependent social community.
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