Project Facts

Project Name: GM-Mall & Service Apartment
Location: Electronic City, Bangalore
Site Area: 3.34 Acres
Built-Up Area: 8,80,000 SFT
Client: GM Infinite

Project Description

GM Mall and service apartment is a multi-tenanted commercial complex located in the Ecity Bangalore. Distinguishing itself from its neighbours while remaining firmly embedded in its industrial context, the tower—articulated in stone and glass with perforated jalis giving it a classy facade.

The building is planned in three different segments giving 3 storeys as the commercial space which accommodates all the luxury brands. The 4th storey is designed as a congregation area for the events and gatherings.

The above levels comprises of a linear single loaded corridor with the rooms spaces oriented towards north & south, with the service and circulation core. The double-glazed rooms protect the interior spaces from glare and noise pollution from the abutting road. The services provided include an AHU, elevators, electric room, restrooms and storeroom. The building also features three levels of basement parking.


Under Construction



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