Project Facts

Project Name: IRA – Great Living
Location: Kollur, Hyderabad
Site Area: 5.80 Acres
Built-Up Area: 8,15,000 SFT.
Client: IRA Realty

Project Description

The community centre occupies the foreground giving accessibility for the people living in surrounding habitat, but it is the apartments which still catch your eye from the crossroads. Three residential towers, punctured by a pattern of multiple height terraces and domestically scaled balconies, recede rhythmically from the junction. They are top-heavy buildings, the upper most units extending beyond the profile of the building below.

The residential towers have been designed with 5 different levels of stepped landscape giving a spectacular view from the neighbourhood.

The clubhouse is a part of the entire complex. This 13,000 sft club comprises indoor sports facilities such as table tennis, billiards, gym,yoga and leisure facilities such as banquet hall, reading lounge and co-working space and accommodation for the guests.


Design Proposal