Project Facts

Project Name: Rurban Nest
Location: Bardipur, Nizamabad
Site Area: 9.025 acres – 36,522 sqm
Built-Up Area: 18,516 Sqm.
Client: Rurban Nest
Project Team: Mathan Ramaiah, Nikhil Chakravarthy,
Prem Swarup, Bhanu Teja, Sundar


Project Description

The Nest, Nizamabad is an all inclusive sustainable habitat located in Bardipur, 10km away from Nizamabad city. It has 22 farm units with a clubhouse and around 2 acres of undivided farm area. There are 9 west facing units, 8 east facing units and 5 north facing units designed exclusively for like minded people who wants to live close to nature. Few other pointers are attached.


Under Construction



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