Insights from Mr. Dhurgai Kumaran, Director Studio, FHD Group 

Written by Vignesh Srinivasan, FHD Group

During concept design as well as design development in a project, one of the key aspects is the creative journey from design intent to design response. At FHD Group, we use parametric design as part of our design process to curate design options for many projects, ranging from residences to commercial offices and more.

What is Parametric Design?
Parametric design is a computer-aided design technique that involves processes based on algorithmic thinking. In other words, it is a process that where a set of rules or parameters are defined and encoded, which, on applying to a design problem produces a series of design options & solutions for the designer to, then, refine, evolve and detail.

Parametric Design across Industries
Parametric design is applied in several industries like engineering and manufacturing at product levels, such as product design, furniture design, fabric design, footwear design, or even machinery parts. The way of application is determined by constraints that define&clarifies the design intent and its responses.

Why is Parametric Modelling Applied in Architecture?
This method reflects principles that were similarly applied, especially in Antoni Gaudi’s works. When it comes to contemporary architecture, parametric design can be said to be a computational approach to design. Design options are digitally made by varying those parameter combinations and its resultants and this allows the architect to search multiple design possibilities.

Thus, architecture is no longer a single object design solution. It is a system that can be tested out digitally, where the design solutions are multiple and the resultants can be selectively optimized.

Unique Take on Parametric Design by FHD Group
More and more, the current computational design trend has been shifted from a single object design solutions to a system design solutions that

1. can produce multi-variants of possible solutions within the design space
2. is specific to the design framework set up by the designer

Parametric modeling method helps designers to define apt parameters of the design space digitally and allows the designer to search multiple design possibilities. And once, the designer selects a narrower set of solutions, he/she can then refine it further until the design problem has met with the right design solution.

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We are continuing to research and efforts on this topic and will be issuing periodic insights.
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