Written by Dhurgai Kumaran, Director Design – FHD Group

As a nuclear and a closely knitted family, the client has been looking for a small extension (to the existing house) where they would like to spend their family together. They were waiting for their son and daughter who had come back after a prolonged stay away from home for their studies and marriage. Our design response is a qualitative attempt to encourage this reunion of the family.

Design is centered on a multi-utility space with its pool as a backdrop, it can transform from a home theater to a yoga space and a party environment as its requirements change according to time. The lighting has also been designed for different scenarios with an appropriate mood for each one. Located in the basement, it is seamlessly connected to the existing house from its existing entertainment area at the lower level and additional access stair from outside through a special entry (mainly for guests) with door expressed its interior in material and composition.

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The steps cascade down towards a triple -height space with a life-size wall mural by local artists made with threads and frames. The steps are designed as a social stage with varying levels to accommodate seats to allow informal interactions for the younger generation. This space is surrounded by a green strip with skylight above all around providing interaction with the outside.

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The Acoustical needs of the theater allow us to explore varying patterns with absorbent niches on walls and columns to help reduce the echo of sound and give an even sound across the space. The patterned wall is designed with parametric variations and sent for CNC cutting and assembled at site. These niches with golden leafing are a contemporary representation of simmering traditional “Vilakku maadam” of temples.

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As a highlight over the pool, the ceiling is designed with an undulating pattern constructed through parametrically controlled method and assembled at site. The pattern with its porosity allows acoustical absorption and helps for even sound distribution. 

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At FHD Group, we are continuing to research on and offer climate-focused design solutions for our clients. We will be issuing periodic insights on the same. If you’d like to know how we can provide similar strategic design solutions to your projects, email us at reachus@fhdgroup.in