Architects at FHD Group care about the environment, both in their professional work as well as outside their job. Recently 3 members from FHD Group took time outside office hours to form a team and independently propose a concept for an international environmental competition, whose entry – ‘Urban Stitch’ is shortlisted among finalists.

The ‘Urban Stitch’ Team

The team is independently formed by 4 members.

  • Sriram Ramakrishnan – Manager Architecture –FHD Group
  • Dr. Maithreyi Swaminathan (student of General Surgery)
  • Pranap – Architect FHD Group
  • Diviya Karthik – Intern – FHD Group and student of Architecture

The Competition

‘EYES ON THE CANAL’ is an initiative focused on re-imagining the Buckingham Canal in Chennai as part of the Cities Fit for Climate Change project. Cities Fit for Climate Change is a global project implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and its International Climate Initiative (IKI). The selected cities – Chennai in India, Santiago in Chile and Durban (eThekwini) in South Africa – are supported in developing their climate-sensitive strategies and their own sources of financing.

The competition received over 250 entries from around the world including USA, South Korea, South Africa, and Germany along with entries from leading architectural firms and students from all over India. The Jury includes prominent architects and planners from Germany and India.

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‘Urban Stitch’ team’s performance

The “Urban Stitch” proposal is shortlisted among Top 28 Finalist Entries, among the 250+ global competitors. Further on the award ceremony held on 21st October, the “Urban Stitch” team, though missing the Top 3 spots on a small margin, received Jury’s Commendation, with a Standing Ovation from Jury and Visitors. It also received a lot of Public votes (through a Green sticker), and appreciation from visitors.

Work on Public Display

The work “Urban Stitch” is on public display between 21 October – 28 October, in 2 places – Kasturba Community Hall, Chennai, and Kotturpuram Metro station. Feel free to walk in and have a look into the proposal and along with other finalists.

Concept – Urban Stitch

Repair the Urban Fabric, not just the canal

The Buckingham canal that we see today, is not the real problem but rather the symptom of unsustainable & exploitative land use development in the area over the last 50 years. The core problem is threefold –

a) Torn Urban Fabric

b) Poor Community Development

c) Lack of growth opportunities

Setup a comprehensive development plan with 8 Development Areas:

  • Pedestrian Strategy
  • Canal Strategy
  • Waste Management Strategy
  • Climate & Environment
  • Community Health
  • Economic Strategy
  • Cultural Strategy
  • Civic Strategy

Programs are set up in these 8 Opportunity areas to benefit 8 User types, thereby setting up a long term solution for the Canal.

“ Environment & Sustainability is at the core of what I do – both at my works at FHD Group and in my personal life…“

– Sriram Ramakrishnan (Manager Architecture– FHD Group)