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For the Conscious & ConscientiousWe have embarked on an enriching journey of creating all-inclusive Eco habitats. Our revenue model is based on the Triple Bottom Line — People, Planet, and Profits — which have been seamlessly woven into our businesses.  We started off like any other architects on a quest to establish ourselves and once we did that successfully, we realized we were building beautiful structures but not making a difference. After designing 290+ million sft and completing 800+ projects, we realized that our practice should have a more holistic approach towards a society without limiting it to individual aspirations alone. In 2013, we ventured into development as a mission to counter the issues that are a fall out of rapid urbanization and the result was Organo, which has grown into a full-fledged community of 73 homes spread across 36.5 acres, in a period of 5 years.

3 years ago, we set out to do research on the challenges of current living spaces and the disconnect with Indian culture in urban areas. We focused specifically on the lifestyles of active 50 + couples and young working couples also known as Double Income with Kids. The nerve center which was connecting the Indian families was getting lost in modern society as a fall out of vertical living. So we applied our tried and tested Sapta Patha to dwellings and embedded all the seven strands to conceive a community called 2getherments with Indian sensibilities and recreate our age-old inclusive neighborhoods. There is a certain typology of products that are born as a solution to an existing problem that needs to be mainstreamed and that’s exactly what we did both with Organo and 2getherments. While Organo was born as a counter urbanization endeavor,

2getherments is striving to bring the Indian way of life back into mainstream society of vertical living format. After establishing Organo, India’s first Net Zero Community and laying the foundation for spaces that redefine lifestyles and building an inclusive community called 2getherments, we’re currently focusing on creating Eco conscientious habitats. In that pursuit, we’re willing to do what it takes to get us there. Whether it is in the areas of farming, animal husbandry, dairy farming or social development, we have reached a milestone where we have gathered an expertise in these areas and demonstrated a successful model in the form of Organo.

As architects and now developers, we question a lot. We are trying to come up with ideal sustainable retail in the format of micro-economy malls for the masses. Right now, our questions pertaining to the Gen Next that would have grown up to make independent decisions by 2025. We are curious to understand how they would think, what makes them tick, what would capture their imagination, how would they like to live and what should be our conscientiousness where ecosystems and people benefits are integrated in their living… Our team of architects is in the process of researching in the area of aspirational affordable Eco habitats.

As architects, every now and then, we pause and reflect on the path we’re walking. We introspect and create new routes when needed to find a solution to an existent problem that brings down the quality of life. That’s what set us on this path of creating sustainable Eco habitats in 2013. We took baby steps initially and gained rapid momentum in the course of time, now we’re ready to take the leap. Our core strengths are FarmingSustainabilityDesign DevelopmentConstructionCommunity Building, and Outreach.

  • What we’re looking for now is people who empathize with our philosophy, belief, and purpose, which is the extreme need of the hour for mankind in general. We need many more projects like this with inclusive thinking for a better world. We need some energy to build our capabilities more robustly and also a capital that is required to invest in our projects to reap richer rewards, not just environmental and social but also real-time profits. I have set out on my backpack across the globe to pursue such like-minded collaborations. Anybody – individuals or organizations –  interested to explore a mutually enriching and beneficial association, please get in touch with me. You could be an end-user, investor, empathizer or an evangelist, I am waiting to hear from you.

About Organo

What started off as one man’s pursuit to find and create an alternate lifestyle for urbanites has become a full-blown community now! That man is Nagesh Battula, a key pillar of FHD group and the community is Naandi. As a designer and architect, Nagesh realized the need for space where people can pause, reflect and consciously choose to re-establish the relationship between human beings and nature; to re-imagine and integrate the finer nuances of rural lifestyle and to live a sustainable balanced life.

 Ably supported by his equally committed and like-minded associates, Nagesh set out on a mission to counter the issues that are a fall out of rapid urbanization. The group’s driving inspiration is the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) – People, Planet and Profits. How they have inched towards achieving this ongoing process is the stuff success stories are made of.

The recent nomination for Leadership in Sustainable design and performance – residential, Special Recognition – Advancing Net Zero by World Green Building Council has established Organo as a force to reckon with in Sustainability and Green Practices apart from several other accolades & awards.

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About 2getherments

“Apt homes that are Unconditionally Empathic” – the tagline of 2getherments encompasses its spirit and philosophy. Conceived as a response to provide a solution for people looking at homes with an Indian soul, 2getherments is every urban Indian’s innate need.


Powered with innovative technologies such as Fuzzy Logic and Chameleon tech, homes at 2getherments are sustainable so that the community as a whole can grow 2gether. FACE, an acronym for Frugal, Apt, Cultural and Empathic, is the driving philosophy and the mission is to offer Subjective homes that can read the residents’ minds. 2getherments are built to nurture the needs of people and their loved ones.

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About FHD

FHD Group is the region’s largest multi-disciplinary design firm, with expertise in Architecture, Interior Design and an honest approach in providing meaningful sustainable solutions to end-user and client needs. We have over 20+ years of regional experience and have completed more than 200 projects. We have a strong team of 120 people working from our 4 offices in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai with focused expertise on Residential Real Estate, Habitability, Commercial, Institutional segments.

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The second component of who we are is a think tank called FHD Studio. FHD Studio is a highly innovative team, comprising of experts within our firm as well as specialist collaborators across multiple fields, which provides cross-disciplinary solutions to forward-thinking clients.

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We help owners and developers build their projects, business, and reputation. Our professional strength and commitment to well-designed high-quality projects have resulted in repeat work requests from many of our clients. We also actively engage and work with new clients, who have a strong vision, keen business acumen and the drive to deliver high-quality built environments.

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