Our centuries-old relationship between home and nature is a vital life experience that many affluent Indian families are aspiring for and distinguishing themselves from mainstream luxury real estate solutions.

As designers, we are responding to that unique aspiration by adopting sustainable solutions in design, detailing, furnishing, construction, all the way to completion. We are designing homes where families can choose luxury without burdening the environment and sustainability without compromising luxury.

FHD Consultants are India’s leading architects and interior designers with a large portfolio of award-winning projects. Born from our 25-years’ experience, we have designed and delivered over 100+ high-end homes in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and more. We believe in co-creating eco-habitats for the new generation of discerning homeowners in India.
At FHD, we see all our design projects through an apparatus called LENS, which stands for Local, Empathy, Nature& Simplicity.

Local: When we see opportunities for anything local (in terms of material, work skills or artistic), we prefer to promote it in a contemporary way with a surprise twist.

Empathy: We empathize with every stakeholder in the design, construction, maintenance & experience phase. We offer apt design solutions that work for Client, Contractors, and even your Maintenance Teams.

Nature:  We incorporate Nature and its elements into our designs, not limiting it to aesthetics, but expanding it to sustainability in terms of greenery, water conservation, energy efficiency/independence, eco-friendly materials and more.

Simplicity:  We understand, optimize and simplify complex ideas and conflicting needs into simple solutions, be it in end-user experience or maintainability or constructability.

And because we put in so much thought and design thinking into your customized home, many of our projects have been awarded recognition by our design fraternity as well as industry partners.

We are designing responsible homes across all price points and are continuing to research this topic. We will be issuing periodic insights.
Email us at reachus@fhdgroup.in  if you’d like to know more