Our interest on expanding the thin wall thk (9 inch) /glass thk (8mm -26mm) entry to a size to make it human habitation possible and their characteristic of that interstitial( from exterior to interior or vise Versa) leads us to design of the Entrance portals for one of the largest Mall in Tehran.

In the Grand Mosque of Isfahan, one can experience the entrance portal not only a marker for the entrance of the mosque but also as an expanded space with the most elaborated geometrical pattern and depth variations of 3-dimensional “Muqarnas”. This gives you a mental and physical experience of the transition from earth to heaven(the abode of the god).

The requirement for an entrance portal in the multiple entries of the Mall gives us an opportunity to explore these expanded interstitial space of the doors as an experience for entering the mall.

We set up diamond-shaped SS finish modules varying in depths and lighting elements as a modern interpretation of those Muqarnas. The variations and their distributions were studied with the help of a parametric setup to optimize. It is limited to 15-16 numbers of variations and the distribution of them across the surface also been studied and chosen the opt one in relation to the passerby.

Modules are also differentiated with varying 3 types of reflectivity (from matt to mirror glossy) will create a shimmering reflection of lights in the sun and in the evenings from artificial light for those walking through it.