Insights by Mr. Dhamodharan, Director of Operations, FHD Group

Written by Sriram Ramakrishnan & Vignesh Srinivasan, FHDGroup

In Part 1 of this article, we outlined FHD Group ’s first step with Mayfair Hotels when we designed the Mayfair Convention Centre. Now, in Part2, we will focus on FHD Group ’s contribution & design solutions that articulate the luxury experiences that  Mayfair Convention Centre offers to its guests & visitors.

FHD Group’s Design Approach & Value Addition

Using our years of design experience and expertise, we started with troubleshooting the existing design to optimize the cost and time efficiency. We presented a holistic solution that included architectural design & details, MEP services, hospitality expertise, and lighting design.

To express a sense of opulence, we designed each space to achieve the right balance of glitter, shimmer, shade, and light. Guests within each space stay in focus while architecture & interiors become the grand backdrop, scene, and setting for every guest’s stay and experience. Light and shadow play a critical role in highlighting focal points.

Beyond design services, we supported the client team by periodically visiting the site and ensuring the successful completion of the project within time and budget expectations.

Custom-made Grand Entrance

“When I arrive at the entrance, I need to feel a sense of arrival and a climax worthy of the journey. Spaces should perform for me!” – Nagesh Batulla, Founder, FHD Group

The entrance lobby creates a memorable, rich experience for the guests to take home. Here, we played with a combination of rich and affordable surface materials. Crystal glassworks on the entrance door was conceptualized, detailed and custom-made for the convention center. Flooring is made with rich marble. As marble inlay work would increase the project cost, we proposed using a custom-designed carpet in the center of the lobby to ensure a high-quality finish at an affordable price. The colours and sizes were coordinated by us and a custom carpet was woven for the project, which is easy to maintain. Columns were painted to have a marble effect to stay consistent in terms of styling and theme

FHD Group Mayfair Convention
FHD Group Mayfair Convention

Bespoke Convention Center

The large convention hall can host an impressive number of people (over 1000+). With no columns in the hall, there is no obstruction for viewers/guests. The main crystal room has two sections that can also serve as a luxury wedding venue. Both the banquet hall and convention halls are flexible with furniture layout and lighting design and to offer over six unique variations for different occasions and pax. Mr.Dilip Ray, Managing Director of Mayfair Hotels, extended his meticulousness and attention to detail to this project and put in considerable effort in picking the right fixtures from the chandelier to carpets.

For smaller events, there is a meeting room as well as the boardroom. Both are well-equipped with advanced interactive screen and projector systems. Each venue is furnished with superior lighting, elegant aesthetic design, and high-quality contemporary furniture.


Details, Detailing and Detailed

The sense of luxury spills over from the private event areas to the public spaces as well. For instance, the stairway, where one may usually not be interested to look at, is treated as a grand staircase similar in fashion to the Paris Opera House Staircase and other famous Art Nouveau staircases. We worked with skilled craftsmen to ensure this wrought iron handrails, which was cast in Kolkata, were unique and reflected the design aesthetics of Mayfair Hotels.


Corridor was designed in exquisite detail, from its inlay flooring to mirrored walls and aesthetic lighting. At the same time, cost and ease of maintenance were considered in equal measure. We recommended simple materials like reflective mirrors to create a more opulent look while being easy on the budget and maintainability. With layers and layers of meticulous detailing at every point of the interior, we ensured that this project consistently embodied a sense of majesty and elegance.


Client’s success is our Project success

One of our main strengths has been to consistently translate our Client’s expectations from amorphous ideas to expressive spaces, which exceed both the Project’s & Client’s needs and aspirations. With Mayfair Convention Center, our design journey with Mayfair Hotels began and continues onto 124 Rooms Mayfair Resorts in Raipur and 250 Rooms Mayfair Resorts in Kolkata.

As leaders in designing for the hospitality sector, we believe in opening a dialogue and developing an authentic expression of Indian-ness in Indian Hospitality as the way forward. We are continuing to research in this segment and will be issuing periodic insights.

Email us at if you’d like to know how to lead this change and mainstream Truly Indian Hospitality across cities in India.