Written by Dhurgai Kumaran, Director Design – FHD Group

In FHD, our explorations on Parametric methods expand from a simple 2 dimensional pattern (flooring, roofing pattern or screen) to a complex program distribution and urban level organization methods. For the past 6 years we have explored different levels of approach in Parametric methods to see how we can expand our “design space” to generate certain specific (unique) “local” solutions appropriate in response to the user.




For the cover page of FHD Group’s office works compilation, we wanted to create a graphic output that would represent our new trudging directions and approaches in design. The design output is created with simple parametric method with ingraining FHD logo over a pattern by variation.


We tested variation of patterns in 3 dimensional distribution and selected an appropriate output for the final. The final image is been printed in silver printing on matt-black to highlight the variations of the pattern and emphasizing the logo.

0 (1)-1


This is for an open pavilion space where farmers and OFS (Organo farm store) team meet to discuss about their further proceedings or farming issues, we have tried out a flooring pattern using simple parametric variation integrated with furniture.

0 (1)

2D triangulated pattern defined by 3 types of finishes are distributed randomly in relation to structural roof. Smooth, leather and rough ‘Kadappa’ stones are been used. 

Various patterns were evaluated against its economy in usage of those 3 types, distribution patterns and chosen the appropriate solution both aesthetically appealing and viable.

0 (3)-1

The seating is configured and derived out of the pattern formation to emerge them in 3 Dimension.

0 (4)-1

Multiple furniture layouts can be arranged for different types of users( from couples to a party) and activities.

0 (5)-1
0 (7)-1



The louvered screen is requirement to modulate sunlight, radiation and privacy. We used simple rotation of wooden slates to generate various patterns that could control those three requirements. The angle parameter are varied between 0 to 135 degree (half circle rotation) with each rotation of 5 degrees.

0 (8)-1
0 (9)-1
0 (10)

The screen is an assemblage of simple louver-slats given a partial external view while controlling the visibility of interiors to outsiders.

0 (11)

The louvers are made out of recycled package wood fixed with CNC cut edge profiles to set them in particular angle. These recycled wood will be down cycled after its life period into char coal to use in farming following a “cradle to cradle” principle.

0 (12)

The up-cycling process of the wooden slats:

0 (13)
0 (14)


The Organo Naandi clubhouse required a shading device that could reduce the harsh west solar radiation and privacy for the pool deck from the other functionalities of the club. The screen is an arrangement of vertical elements which are organized with varying gaps and lengths to create differentiation and allow varying light and shadow play during the evening hours.

With the Parametric setup, the patterns are differentiated in relation to human eye level where visibility is controlled and exposed in appropriate context.

0 (15)

Study on pattern variations:

0 (16)
0 (17)
0 (18)
0 (19)

The recycled wood from package industries is been used with simple frame work support in aluminum behind those elements. The withered wood will be replaced and down cycled to charcoal for organic farming ingredients.

0 (20)
0 (23)


Design is centered on a multi-utility space with its pool as a backdrop, it can transform from a home theater to a yoga space and a party environment as its requirements change according to time.

0 (24)
0 (25)

The Acoustical needs of the theater allow us to explore varying patterns with absorbent niches on walls and columns to help reduce the echo of sound and give an even sound across the space. The patterned wall is designed with Parametric variations and sent for CNC cutting and assembled at site. These niches with golden leafing are a contemporary representation of simmering traditional “Vilakku Maadam” of temples.

0 (26)

As a highlight over the pool, the ceiling is designed with an undulating pattern constructed with Parametrically controlled model, CNC cut and assembled at site. The pattern with its porosity allows acoustical absorption and helps for even sound distribution

0 (27)

Be sure to read part 2 on Parametric Exploration for 3D screens and art installations

The next article will lead you to FHD Group’s manifestations on 3D screen typologies and Art installations. We will walk you through works done by FHD Consultants, demonstrating how parametric exploration have helped in design possibilities.

We are continuing to research and efforts on this topic and will be issuing periodic insights. Email us at reachus@fhdgroup.in if you’d like to know how to know more about Parametric approaches and manifestations in India.