An Extraordinary Home that Evokes a Resort-like feel, self-sufficient, solar-powered and self-cooling with well laid out Ornamental and Fruit Gardens was the brief we followed in designing this Lavish 15000 square feet home in a land area of 1.22 acres off East Coast Road, Chennai.

Taking advantage of the large plot size, beautiful location and proximity to the sea, the elevation is designed to give the uninterrupted view from every top floor of the house.

This is a Hundred percent Vaastu compliant home and so the structure is a perfect square with no cuts whatsoever neither in the exterior nor in the interior. To overcome the issues that are inherent to a saline climate, extreme care was taken in choosing materials and fittings that do not corrode. The Gazebo on the first floor is fabricated out of Fundermax which is a natural choice because of its superior quality. This gazebo is designed to be an elevation element from the exterior while serving its purpose of a family seating area on the first-floor terrace.

Landscape and lightscape also being part of our scope, planting of shade-giving trees that also act as a screen for privacy while adding beauty to the surroundings was given priority. The lighting was planned to maximize the night time look.

The large pool running along one side of the house is lined with bushy plants and palms. The tiling has been custom designed to take on a fluorescent glow even during the day. There are four elements on all the four sides of the pool – a large Jacuzzi that can accommodate the family of four on one side and on the other three sides, a Feature Wall in sculpted sandstone with a near Roman look, a Water Spouting Fun Deck for kids, and an Elevated Floor Bar with submerged Bar Benches in the pool. A full-fledged Party Room with Bar is an independent structure alongside the main house and this opens into the lawn adjoining the pool but easily accessible for service from the main Kitchens.

The Illuminated Water body with medium rise Jets at the front entrance adds charm and the sound of water is to give rise to a sense of calm.

The large Portico is airy and roomy to beat the heat and also accommodate a few luxury cars with ease. The floor is a combination of Jaisalmer and Sandstone and the pillars are clad in light Yellow Travertine to compliment the flooring. The Front Steps in white marble and the gleaming White Double Doors are set off by the dark wood ceiling and the yellow flooring.

The Entry Foyer is purposefully done in Rich Hues of Gold to bring about a sense of arrival into the resplendent interiors of the house. The Bottocino Marble floor is inlaid with Dark and Light Emperado and the same floral motif is recreated in the ceiling and lit from the inside. The Feature Wall in Mirror on the left, behind the Gilded Mirror and Gold Console, is etched in shades of gold to enhance the Opulence.

The Drawing Room is spacious but gives a sense of warmth because of the bright upholstery and cream-colored walls.

The Living Room is a take on the Traditional Inner Courtyards but done up in style to entertain and seat many. The Double Heightened Ceiling and the Upper floors looking into this room is to Unify Spaces. The Victorian styled Furniture is highlighted by the Handcrafted Chandelier suspended from the Geometric patterned – Mirrored Ceiling above.

The circular inlay work in gold color augments the subtle richness of the upholstery.

The Formal Fourteen Seater Dining table is elegantly crafted to take on its reflection in the Glass Patterned ceiling with the very unusual Oval shaped Chandelier. The placement of the living room adjacent to the dining room is to accommodate the active flow of guests to and fro between both areas.

The house is provided with large Wet and Dry Kitchens. The Six Seater Breakfast Table in the Dry Kitchen is for the use of the family with their two young children and the parents.

Apart from the common areas, there are Two Guest Bedrooms on the Ground floor and one of them is designed to accommodate Senior Living, hence simplistically furnished.

The attached Bathrooms done in dark Italian marble are simple and functional but the designs speak of utmost elegance.

The first floor comprises of the Master Bedroom, Children’s room, Parents’ room, Library and Study Room for the children and the Puja with an attached Lounge. The Master Bedroom, with individual walk-in closets for the couple, is spacious and the large format Italian Marble floor makes it appear larger and brighter. The choice of furniture, furnishings, and accessories is a conscious effort to further build on that impact.

The Children’s room is spacious and done in blue. Furnished with Child-Friendly beds and a lot of floor space left free for On-the-Floor Activity, this is a True Blue Boys room.

The Bathroom is child-friendly with its low height fittings that enable easy accessibility for them without additional aid.

The Parents room is brightly furnished in Sunny Yellows and Orange tones to keep it cheerful and welcome. It is a thoughtful layout here with a Dresser and Pouf in the bedroom itself for their convenience and to minimize legwork.

The attached Bathroom is done in a combination of dark and light marbles. It is mid-sized and very functional in tune with the requirement of the couple that would be using it.

The Puja Room is floored in white marble with inlay in an intricate floral pattern. The Puja is set to open into a lounge that serves the purpose of seating many at once during festivals or devotional celebrations.

A fully functional Gymnasium, a home theatre and a bedroom for the exclusive use of the client’s brother are on the second floor.

In keeping with the periodical visits of the client’s brother, this Bedroom is designed to be simple, elegant and easy on maintenance.

The Eight Seater State of the Art Home Theatre is brightly furnished in Red with a bright but neat blue-ringed ceiling for a Movie Theatre impact.

The Gym is equipped with both cardio and weight training machines and is complete with a Step-up Pilate floor.

The walls of the Children’s Study and Library are lined with open bookshelves for easy access and eliminate a boxed up look. Here again, the floor is kept free for children’s activity.

The Bedroom on this floor is furnished in a dark-toned bed with cushioned bed rest for relaxation. The attached Bathroom is also done on simple lines in keeping with the limited usage it goes through.

We are a client-friendly team. We channelize our thoughts and designs to give form to our client’s needs, need-based ideas and desires. Each of our projects is a journey, a process where we also evolve and create and reinvent ourselves …….and it goes on…… Floor Plans of the Residence on ECR, Chennai.